Kurai Aikido is a friendly club offering classes for both children and adults.  We have been teaching Aikido for over 40 years and have brought dozens of students to a Dan (black belt) grade level in that time.  We teach a traditional Aikido style focused on understanding balance (both yours and your opponent’s) and learning to utilise an opponent’s momentum to your advantage.  This means there is no strength involved and so is very appropriate for almost any age or fitness. 

Classes are held at three locations: Yeading (West London), Chelmsford (Essex)  and Welwyn Garden City (Hertfordshire).

Our Sensei (head teacher), Roy Sheppard, is a 6th Dan who has been active in Aikido since 1970 and he has studied several other martial arts in that time. Because of his diverse experience Sensei Sheppard brings a unique perspective to his teaching, which in turn helps students gain a clearer understanding of martial arts techniques and their application in real world situations.  Sensei Sheppard is also the primary teacher at the Yeading dojo on Monday and Friday evenings.

Kurai is a member of the UK Shinwakai Association, and affiliated to the British Aikido Board ( the National Governing Body for Aikido in the UK). And all of our teachers hold national coaching awards. 


Join us at one of our Adult classes on Monday and Friday evenings 8-10pm in Yeading, Mondays 8-10pm in Chelmsford, or Wednesdays 8-10pm in Welwyn Garden City.  Or at our Juniors classes Friday 6:30-8pm in Yeading.