Why Aikido

Aikido has shown its effectiveness repeatedly over generations since it was created by its founder in the 1940s. It is taught as a defensive art intended to afford its practitioners better methods to diffuse aggressive situations than merely striking someone. The practice of Aikido, particularly with Sensei Sheppard, focuses on learning the subtleties of balance which allow a trained practitioner to destabilise an aggressor with minimal effort or strength.  

One of the guiding principals of Aikido techniques is to use an attackers force or energy, either dissipating it or redirecting it toward the attacker themselves. This practice of “blending” with an attacker is at the heart of many techniques and can even be applied in daily life to non-physical forms of aggression. 

Aikido’s philosophy and practice provides practitioners with greater self confidence, better mental awareness, excellent balance and improved fitness. Practice sessions are given in a safe controlled environment that allows students to progress at their own rate.